Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tacx Indoor Trainer Setup - with TTS3

Tacx Fortius with TTS3 (Tacx Training Software ver 3).

Below is a screen shot while riding a ride saved from a Garmin, and imported into TTS3 (Wellington Railway Station).

Not only can I re-ride my rides indoor on a rainy day, but I can email the rides to friends so that they can re-ride my rides. Google Earth 3D view certainly takes the boredom away!! - It's amazing.

Here's me anticipating the hills coming up.

Below is what we think is an ideal indoor trainer setup (without spending crazy money). Remember indoor trainers are not good for high performance carbon frames, especially if you move around a lot or stand up.

Indoor trainer specific tyres are a must - they don't shred rubber all over the floor and inside the trainer parts, they're much quieter and grip better (less slip).

MTB DX Style SPD pedals are ideal for bother clipped in and normal flat shoe riding. The adjustable dropper seatpost means that anyone can jump on and adjust the seat height while riding.

For a permanent setup like this use an old frame - like the crash damaged one in this picture, as you don't want to crack your favourite carbon frame.

Cables are easily stood on and damaged if not clipped away. We've gone for the tightly cabled-tied inside a protective housing. A foot at 180RPM would destroy the cable in seconds.

The cadence sensor needs to be close to work. If you stop peddling the brake will automatically activate. You may have to back pedal so the cadence sensor is activated to get the software working again.

We've mounted the motor to head unit cables tightly to the downtube to keep them out of harm's way - looks tidier too.

A power cable with a 90 degree plug works best - swap if for a cable off your printer or PC. You will also note we've mounted the motor transformer off the ground to the trainer legs. This keeps it cool (carpet will block the vents) and reduces the chances of the cables getting stood on (if you're not wobbly after a ride you didn't go hard enough!!).

Now enjoy!!

Here's me evaluating the data while I'm riding through town.

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