Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cadel's Broken Dreams and Elbow

Bravo Cadel!

After the rest day in yellow Cadel Evans lost his lead under dramatic circumstances: A fracture in his left elbow kept Cadel Evans of the BMC Racing Team from defending his lead Tuesday on a challenging mountain stage at the Tour de France on impec. After Evans arrived at the finish BMC Racing Team President Jim Ochowicz revealed Evans had broken his elbow in a crash in the opening kilometers of Sunday's stage.

Teammates didn't know: "We decided not to tell anybody about it and try and fake it through the race," Ochowicz said. "We didn't want to let our competitors know and have them attacking him during the race on the early climbs. We weren't sure what the outcome was going to be. He doesn't have full mobility in his elbow, so he had difficulty staying with the group. At the end, the injury just overwhelmed him."

Suffering, but with pleasure: Evans said he did his best on the 204-kilometer stage, given the circumstances. "I wasn't at the same level as I was on Stage 8," he said. "I had a big crash at the start of that day and I'm really paying for the consequences from that. I suffer on my bike every day but I do it with pleasure. The guys and the team have supported me and believed in me in this whole project. I'm so sorry to have let them all down."

An impressive performance in a dramatic and emotional race. Bravo to Cadel and the Team.

Your BMC-Team

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