Friday, February 5, 2010

Thursday night ride

Like any other Thursday evening ride the group started out quite civilised. The great weather timed with a many riders wanting to show off their "tour fitness" made for a decent sized crowd. Once most riders realised there was a bunch of 20 there was soon some "jostling" for the front. Naturally the riders donning Capital Kit felt they had the moral advantage.

Up the first hill Paul blew a tube with a very loud bang, however Jono stayed back with him and the two TT’d back to the bunch not far behind at the Makara summit.

Once down on the flat Paul & I did a wee turn at the front with Carbon wheels (Zipp 404 & Fulcrum Racing Speeds) in an attempt to start a new trend! (Carbon wheels on shop rides)

After a bit of “cruising” through the valley Daniel came through for a faster turn and soon a small group at the front were setting an uncomfortable pace – but just what we all needed – you don’t get fit sitting on!!

The hill came up very quickly at that pace and even at the bottom the bunch had thinned considerably. Lee put in a good attack that got rid of all but me & Backy. I managed to hang on to Lee’s wheels wheel only to realise he’d cracked & I was not fit enough to get across to Backy’s wheel. I cruised the rest of the climb getting passed by Jonathon Dunn on his BMC Pro Machine on the last corner – I had nothing left to get on his wheel so I crawled over the line third.

While we waited for the stragglers we got a pic of 11 riders wearing Capital kit – great going guys. A further 2 kits had Capital branding making us look like a pro peloton – which kept the cars away from us!

And just so you know how I kept up: Look 595, Super Record, Fulcrum Racing Speeds with Continental Competition tubulars, Lake CX401 custom molded shoes and Giro Prolite Helmet.

In tradition we had to talk it up at the café in preparation for next weeks race, sorry: ride.

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