Saturday, January 16, 2010

Zipp 1080 Climbing Wheels

Zipp 1080 Climbing wheels! Having just been to an international presentation on Zipp and the benefits of areo over weight in terms of climbing, we took the wheels for a test up Mt Lofty (700m climb).
Just to prove it wasn't a fluke, the next morning we took them up to the top again for a "social" ride with Cam from BMC. We only lost 2 others of the ride (IE40% of the bunch got dropped & lost!).

But seriously these wheels flew on the flat and with a tail wind we were passing cars like we’ve never passed cars before. The 1080’s are the ultimate straight line wheel – but they don’t descent well enough to race on anything with sharp turns. Just remember your 11T – they definitely go fast enough to need it.

The 808’s were almost as fast, but did corner really well, we both agreed that these where the wheels to own in tubular at 1500grams.

Having done a few Makara shop rides (races) on 404’s (1650 grams) they’re my new favourite all-round clincher wheel – while they climb as well as a lightweight wheel like Neutron Ultra, they more than takeout time on the flat urging you to go your limit, while still descending and sprinting almost like a Fulcrum R1, but with less crosswind. After all these three are the best wheels available in clincher anywhere.

All in all well worth having to look so good.

Just a note on the Tangente Zipp tyres: these are seriously fast tyres for a TT. However having put my 404’s together with a set of Continental’s GP4000-S tyres I feel way more at home on the road. Way more grip, comfort and the bonus of being a lot faster descending, safer over wet manhole covers and white road marker lines which to be fair where just scary on Tangente’s. Still if speed and dimples is your thing there is nothing faster.

Speaking of very high quality: I Recently installed a Zipp SL bar and 145 SL stem. This combination 335grams takes over from my heat mouldable cx401 shoes (just) as my new favourite cycling product. This gets there from just being of such a high standard of finish - the function is impeccable and like all Zipp products amazing well made, the perfect blend of stiffness and shape.

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Niel Peters said...

Thanks for the post. Personally I like the zipp 404 tubular firecrest. It's lightweight and faaast!
zipp 404