Monday, October 5, 2009

Capital Sponsored WVCC Featherston Funride

Friendly lineup, all looking forward to a "fun" ride around the lake.

Shane still had to wear a helmet despite it weighing "almost nothing" (175g Giro Prolite)

...Paul starting us off on a pleasant pace which lasted through Featherston and once the crowds were just out of sight Craig attacked!

Nice sunday spring ride (.....NOT!). At least the front bunch was lucky enough to finish before the heavy rain.

Despite a 25 person bunch finishing together there were a couple of breaks. A rather healthy break at the bottom of the lake included an impressive collection of riders who were caught at the base on the hill by Shane and Andy Hagan who were in no mans land and then quickly by the rest of the bunch that came out of nowhere.

Dave Barnett had arranged to meet his family for coffee in Martinbough and was hoping to arrive there well ahead of the bunch. Despite being away for a very long time, he was caught before the township and his moment of glory. The odd surge here and there managed to thin the bunch a little and the top of the final hill was looking like the bunch was going to break up, but the leaders eased up to allow the straglers back on.

The endless straight back to Featherston seemed to go on forever and despite being quite close, nobody wanted to try it on in the cold wind!

The bunch didn't really want to sprint! (or was that just me?) despite being able to see the finish line for some km.

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