Friday, June 5, 2009

Electric Dura-ace is here

We’ve ridden the new Electric Dura-ace and we’re actually quite impressed (but not enough to remove Super Record 11 off our commuter bikes!).

Shimano has finally seen the light with the shifter shaped for comfort and multiple riding positions (IE they’ve copied Campagnolo & SRAM).

Not much of a push to get this to shift – you’d have to warn existing Dura-ace users who have to yank the whole brake lever across to get a shift. Electric Dura-ace is more like a Campanolo 11 speed shift – a gentle click up or down.

We’re impressed that it actually trims the front derailleur as the rear derailleur moves up and down the cassette. Traditionally you’ve had to have Campagnolo to get descent trim.

The left photo shows the handy battery indicator.

The photo below shows no ugly cables coming out of the shifters, finally at the level of the other groupset brands) – We’ve found that the cable routing in Dura-ace 7900 just isn’t up to Campagnolo or SRAM standards – and doesn’t work well on many bikes with special cable routing (like Cervelo S3’s)

Only one gear a time on the rear Derailleur (Go Campagnolo 11 speed – 6 gears down in a flick of the thumb – needed for social rides with Paul).

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