Monday, May 4, 2009

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Fortius Virtual Reality Indoor trainer
My phone rang at 7am I was awake, it was raining, great for a lazy sunday at home. Shane doesn't ever sleep and is wanting to race up Mt Ventoux. Not being in France and under a warm duvet, I thought this might be a bit hard to manage and open the shop at 12pm. So over to Olenka and Shanes house we went Via the Deluxe cafe. Shane had everything ready and off we went.

After warming up the legs we climbed for about an hour,it was a lot of fun,seriously fast as you want to make, even quite realistic, there is power wattages, speed, cadences (lucky the heart rate strap wasn't on), and graphics and vistas that make you just want to be there.

We are asked a lot in regards to what is it like to ride on a top of the range training system. Well I can tell you after trying to climb Mt Ventoux at a average cadence of 86 and average power output of 250 watts for 1 hour 5 minutes I was completely exhausted and still had 5 km to go!!!

The machine was totally smooth, changes in gradient where just like the real world. The great thing here is that you get to focus on the road ahead or where your competition is, just like a bunch ride, the time goes fast and you have had a fun experience to be compared to your next visit to the same training ground, in some instances you can even race your ghost of the last effort.

Well worth the early morning effort, the only reality was going back out in the rain to open the shop, and missing out on the two hottest girls we know go for a ride .....

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